What is King’s real name?

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King has probably the best design, cool pose and super epic flammable katana (coated with some form of advcoa cuz is resisting his flame):steef::steef::steef::steef::steef::steef:

let be frank someone that use Imperial dragon roast will have CoC
SbS will definetly confirm King as a CoC user. Not adv coc but CoC yep.

Most of King movment have imperor as main thing, and you think he has no COC, it is just laughable:suresure:
Idk if people are dumb or they just forget that awakened zoans only get increased power, regen etc. It's a stats buff. OFC they are awakened zoans, they are YCs.
We can't know for sure, for all we know the Impel Down beasts could be the result of some forced or artifficial awakening.

My guess is Kaido is awakened for sure, and only once we see how his awakening works and gets explained will we find out if the calamities actually have it.
the context was different duh.... on Germa's case is BM herself that want to slaughter them from the first place and take their technology.

Zepo and Pedro was pure accident and BM litteraly amaze with Pedro's determination to live (also with little help from Pekomz) so she let him live:lawsigh:
It's well within Judge's capabilities to sweeten the pot and throw in the Germa tech on top of it.

But at the very end of WCI, Big Mom asked one simple question, while singing a song about "Soul Pocus", before WCI ended for good....

That my friend, is what we call context.....

I've been saying this was how Germa and the Sun Pirates were going to escape WCI, ever since that chapter hit, because of this exact scene.

The fact that Jinbei showed up on Wano, perfectly fine with no type of injuries strengthened my suspicion, and now that we see Germa sailing away from WCI, perfectly fine, with not a single BM ship in pursuit of them, pretty much solidifies it.
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