What is King’s real name?

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This isn't how COC works:luuh:
You are probably right. The last time I check, a swordsman let the sword take his Haki and COC magically showed up so I am probably reading a different manga?
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King is tougher than Kaido, if you can't beat Kaido you can't beat King. Also The editor's note confirms that Zoro can oneshot Kaido with his new attack. :steef:
Proof or it's just delusion. Wow. Taking fantasy into higher level. lol
Aces flame is canonically inferior to magma so thats not even a debate
I'd say King's Magma > Beef burst > Ace
I don't think its about heat

there's a difference between when King uses his normal flames and that dragon ability. If you look at King's sword after he fried those fodder, it had CoA on it.
Basically the dragon fire combines CoA with fire, which in turn solidifies it more, making it like magma.
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