What is King’s real name?

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This chapter is a good way to end this fight.
I really enjoyed this fight and King as a character.
Thank god Oda draw him a flashback even if its one chapter.
We almost knew nothing about him before but seeing him and Kaido's first time meeting shows us why he is so loyal to Kaido.

I will make you my RHM. Almost like the Vivre cards that people denied.
Also Zoro cutting fire dragon shows us whats gonna happen in the future. He didnt draw it for nothing.
@sanjikun and @Pantheos mentioning you two since you guys were talking about it particularly
There is no limit on Zoros CoC any different than there is on Luffy's
The limit is on that MASSIVE CoC release we saw towards the end where Zoro named it Ou Ei referring to Enma. Which is why he said Enma is taking too much Haki out of him.

He can sustain those tiny CoC lightenings like Yamato and Luffy for as long as he likes.
Zoro: "Hah... Hah...
I don't have much time...
If the fight lasts any longer, my sword can kill me!!"
King defeats 9 scrubburds too
Not if they figure out his trick. Marco seems to know about Lunarians for example.
Zoro damaged King without CoC coating when King wasn't using his flames powers.
I'm pretty he wouldn't be able to be always in defense against 9 guys, so they would surely damage him
What diff do you think it would take Kaido to defeat King?
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