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so that kinda means that he is able to react to zoro using shishishi sonson and cover his body with flames.

the dude also reacted to rengoku onigiri.

how good is this dude's coo? its been trashed ever since that izo panel but here he is casually reacting to insanely fast zoro blitzes.
It could be just a passive effect of his flame when it's out. I don't think he has to actively think about it.
You think Luffy ran out of CoC when Kaido dropped him off the Island? @Celestial D. Dragon

But to your Initial point Zoro is still referring to Enma that's draining his Haki. Enma acts on a whim and randomly pulls too much Haki and Zoro is just being cautious.

Tho its possible Enma can keep taking Zoros CoC but Zoro is fine but Zoro is not aware since Zoro is not aware its CoC he's using?

There is also the fact that Enma has already taken too much Haki from Zoro on roof top.

Idk at least gotta wait for Viz but I am just gonna say Zoro and Luffy are low top tiers
Well Rayleigh did imply that using CoC does exhaust a person back on Sabaody. I think he said something along the lines of "With the Marines here, I'd rather not use this ability to much".

So it's not going to be something that people can just use infinitely with zero drawbacks. The amount of time one can spend using it, is most likely dependent on their Willpower, as per Rayleigh stating that the ability grows as the user grows.

Even Luffy who can use it freely, probably can't use it for as long as the likes of Kaido, Shanks, Big Mom and all those others who have been using it for years.

I've said for a long time now, that CoA is not the only Haki that is capped. CoC and CoO should not be any different. People don't have split haki reserves, where only CoA is finite, and everything else is infinite. That's extremely unbalanced, and makes no sense.
Kaido doesn't have Zoros lethality and AP Zoro even without CoC was hurting Kaido bad and accidentally CoC scarred him while CoC thunder bagua didn't even K.O post Hakai Zoro King would eat that for dinner like he ate nameless Zoro CoC attack.

That final attack on King would put Kaido in the hospital if not kill him
Can this version of Zoro cut Hakai in half ?
But Hakai is Kaido's attack, at least half of it, maybe more seeing how he was taunting Big Mom
And like I said if Kaido know he can use CoC coating he would either choose to dodge it or clash with it so it's not a guaranteed hit
He's avoiding Luffy's attacks, no reason he shouldn't do the same with Zoro
Maybe but I just think it is combination technique doesn't mean they can individually produce half the power but maybe they can idk.

Yeah but Zoro with Shi Shi Son Son moved rapidly fast. Same with Ashura where he already blitzed combat mode Kaido.
Not all of Zoro's attacks were coated with CoC, he chose the moment to attacks but the ones where he hit King with CoC were devastating.
That last attack would have one shoted fresh King but Kaido could have withstand it.
Besides Kaido's attacks are on another level
Hakai is half Kaido's full strength, plus one thunder bagua that didn't land on his head and he was out.
Kaido is extremely powerful
advCOC thunder bagua couldn't do lasting damage on Law:shame: he ain't low diffing shit
Exactly lol.

He trades it for excellence in one stat but still is really good on the other.

This chapter also confirms that the Izo situation was a fluke and he was caught offguard. Rengoku Onigiri casually blitzed a boosted Hyouzou, the dude who made G2 look like a joke in FMI. It scales much above G2 in terms of attack speed and King can not only react but dodge it in his least fast form.
I'm pretty sure anyone who's not biased knows it was out of the norm. You can't expect characters to be at the top of their game always, but anyone acting like Arbel is getting casually disarmed in a fight is being ridiculous.
You quoted me then deleted the quote and then you move the goalposts?
Zoro had to use a move capable of splitting Kaido like a watermelon just to defeat King, Luffy has time limits on his G4 moves but still gets wanked to the heavens.
I never quoted you. I clicked the wrong person, deleted it, and then quoted the right person, and was addressing them. Not sure why it showed up in your alerts. :kayneshrug:
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