What is King’s real name?

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Well Rayleigh did imply that using CoC does exhaust a person back on Sabaody. I think he said something along the lines of "With the Marines here, I'd rather not use this ability to much".

So it's not going to be something that people can just use infinitely with zero drawbacks. The amount of time one can spend using it, is most likely dependent on their Willpower, as per Rayleigh stating that the ability grows as the user grows.

Even Luffy who can use it freely, probably can't use it for as long as the likes of Kaido, Shanks, Big Mom and all those others who have been using it for years.

I've said for a long time now, that CoA is not the only Haki that is capped. CoC and CoO should not be any different. People don't have split haki reserves, where only CoA is finite, and everything else is infinite. That's extremely unbalanced, and makes no sense.
But you gotta look at the amount of CoC released too.
I doubt Luffy can release that amount of CoC for more than a minute either.
Its not like its a literal stop watch right? Its the amount of CoC you are releasing. If Zoro kept releasing small amounts of CoC he'd last longer.
But maybe its a wrong translation after all, maybe Zoro is just talking about the drug? Shouldn't we wait for viz?
I'm pretty sure anyone who's not biased knows it was out of the norm. You can't expect characters to be at the top of their game always, but anyone acting like Arbel is getting casually disarmed in a fight is being ridiculous.
I agree . Zoro did get weapon disarm by king before even he is focus on king in battle.
I think it is time to respect vista for not getting his sword disarm by milhawk
Yeah but clowns will always inhale more copium to keep claiming Sanji = Zoro
Here what would happen if Sanji tried to blitz Zoro (except the kick wouldn't even connect):
Zoro blocked the kick with Wado, Zoro was basically fighting King+Queen in one, invisibility, near teleportation, parrying sneak attacks coming out of super speed, plus handling King massive stats.
Maybe but I just think it is combination technique doesn't mean they can individually produce half the power but maybe they can idk.

Yeah but Zoro with Shi Shi Son Son moved rapidly fast. Same with Ashura where he already blitzed combat mode Kaido.
Yamato did a similar attack on a weaker scale. So maybe the combined attack is stronger but I doubt Kaido wouldn't be able to produce half of its strength.
It looked like Luffy and Zoro attack on the aqua laguna wave.
Anyway, Kaido is tankier than King, and can use CoC coating for a longer time.
Zoro has to use it carefully currently.
I have trolled about Kaido in the past but imo he is the strongest man in the One Piece verse until we see better feats from other top tiers
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