What is King’s real name?

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Not if they figure out his trick. Marco seems to know about Lunarians for example.
Zoro damaged King without CoC coating when King wasn't using his flames powers.
I'm pretty he wouldn't be able to be always in defense against 9 guys, so they would surely damage him
What diff do you think it would take Kaido to defeat King?
King would defeat scabbards High Diff
Hybrid Kaido would upper mid diff King
Yamato did a similar attack on a weaker scale. So maybe the combined attack is stronger but I doubt Kaido wouldn't be able to produce half of its strength.
It looked like Luffy and Zoro attack on the aqua laguna wave.
Anyway, Kaido is tankier than King, and can use CoC coating for a longer time.
Zoro has to use it carefully currently.
I have trolled about Kaido in the past but imo he is the strongest man in the One Piece verse until we see better feats from other top tiers
Well I'll make some threads after chapter comes out but I think Kaido needs mid diff for King. He can low Fo
Oda rather focus on shitty characters..i hate it here bro

He had gold in his hands
One of those "what could have been," mate. :catsweat:

In another lifetime, maybe. :catcry:

If only King was the warden of Udon in Act 2 instead of that fat clown Queen....
King should have interacted with Zoro when Zoro was wandering around Wano as the island's top enforcer. He also should have been the one to kill Toki and tasked with hunting down Hiyori. Unfortunately, Oda drooled uncontrollably at the prospect of drawing Urameshit and Holdemup. catded
You quoted me then deleted the quote and then you move the goalposts?
Zoro had to use a move capable of splitting Kaido like a watermelon just to defeat King, Luffy has time limits on his G4 moves but still gets wanked to the heavens.
Cuz Luffy is actually skilled in his use of haki and can do so without a medium (Enma) needing to pull it out of him. Zoro splitting Kaido like a watermelon isn’t even a thing that would happen anyways. :milaugh:
Well I'll make some threads after chapter comes out but I think Kaido needs mid diff for King. He can low Fo
CoC coating Zoro mid diffed King if not lower, and Kaido is stronger than him. I think Kaido low diffs King.
Kaido surely knows about King's powers (he may look stupid but he knows a lot about the One Piece world) , so he wouldn't need more than a few attacks to end the fight
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