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I would day this was high diff for zoro since he got his ass beat for a little while and extreme diff for sanji since he was completely spent after his victory.
Yamato isn't joining

Oda is baiting us with that. It makes no sense to introduce a random character like yamato into the crew right before the endgame of the series. Also, I don't care how much y'all dislike sanji, the zoro/sanji crew dynamic has been ongoing since east blue, Oda isn't going to disrupt that in the final saga of the series with Yamato of all people.

You can quote me on this, Yamato will die before she can join and Oda is only making her look like a potential SH to make her death more gut wrenching.
I think Yamato is meant to be Luffys Oden tho she will soon become Zoro fan girl
Lanji was huffing against blacktooth
U aint want to play that game tell u
It was a direct reply to say such a thing could never happen to Zoro.
I didn't say Sanji couldn't get bad portrayal, though Sanji did smash blackteeth in revenge already (who only got an opportunity due to Sanji's chivalry), while being restrained.

Apoo is still standing even after Zoro's 2vs1 sneak attack against him, no one is immune to looking shit, including Zoro.
Having your fights go in parallel and finish in consecutive chapters, against opponents with bounties 5% apart.

you kinda forgot he mentioned feats too.

and well, zoro being comfortably above sanji was always shown through feats and portrayal throughout the entire manga. only a small insane portion of sanji fans say otherwise.
Separate in what way?

And even the majority Sanji fans know Zoro is stronger so nice try about making it a Zoro fan thing like a noob lol.
Most conscious and honest people I see know Zoro is stronger, but the difference between them is 2200 vs 2180, it's the number that Oda rubbed in our face and he fulfills that dynamic to this day. Believing that Zoro is on a different level than Sanji is a limitless level of dishonesty
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