What is King’s real name?

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Why? You think Katakuri can tank any of Zoro’s hits after getting taken down in 13 punches from Luffy?
I think it was pretty underwhelming that Kings Power is his Flame, that gives him massive Defense. No Advanced haki - and he is YC1. Most likely the weakest. Katas Future Sight is a Natural Counter for his Game with his flame. Kata was untouchable for someone without futuresight. Kings only Advantage was his Flame. Once figured Out how ist works and when to attack and it’s not that hard to defeat him.
Plus Marco was able to fight King and Queen simultaniously - not good for Kings portrayal.
I do wonder what the hell is Oda planning for King now that he got fucked up pretty badly. If the Marines/CP0 capture him he doesn't go to ID, but back in a lab. Seems like a pretty dark future for a guy that already had that experienced and got his entire race obliterated.

Maybe he sticks together with Queen who will give him cybernetic implants, like Frieza after Namek. But then what? Do they play cards until they kick the bucket in some random place?

Really curious about this.
He followed a dragon once after being sold false dreams. He can follow another in Momonosuke and help protect and restore Wano...kicking unwanted ships down the waterfall
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He cut and destroyed his sword 😈
To all my Zfans who ill tag just so you dont have to search the stat yourself

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Sanji vs Queen Spoilers: 523 pages
Zoro vs King Spoilers: 813 pages and counting

5800 more comments and counting.... no surprise here boys
The difference between the most popular character and a random crewmember who was not even in the top 3 most popular is clear. :myman:
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