What is King’s real name?

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What I was trying to say earlier was that Zoro defeated King and sliced karyuudon over the skies of the flower capital. Due to Queen already being knocked off onigashima at the start of this chapter, its very likely that the people of wano already know whats going on.
If 1036 is going to focus on Luffy, Kaido, and Momo, theres a big chance it will have to do with the flower capital becoming aware of the events of onigashima.

What I'm trying to say is that theres a big chance the people of wano saw Zoro defeat king and that Zoro's defeat of king is in fact his ryuma/legend moment of this arc.

Overall, it seems like Oda has given Zoro more or less the climax of his arc. He fought on the rooftop, scarred kaido, awakened CoC, and now defeated king. Zoro doesn't need to turn enma black, because that is a WSSM tier feat and zoro isn't there yet. He also doesn't need to be the one to personally slay kaido as after the rooftop, he already acknowledged Luffy would beat kaido and he hasn't said a word about kaido since.

ZKK doesn't really make sense anymore, especially since Zoro already slayed his dragon. Why would Oda even draw that scene against king if he would do ZKK later this arc?
All and all I agree with every thing you said. But I just want to remind you this, don't underestimate Oda's love for Zoro. That's all :pepedoffy:
Let me get this straight, ZKK couldn't happen because Luffy would be overshadowed by his FM but now it's ok that everyone thinks that Zoro killed Kaido? I'm cool with that, Zoro gets a 3B bounty and still gets to clap Kaido for the monster samurai hype.
But Luffy won't get anything because everyone in Wano saw Zoro killing the dragon. :crazwhat:
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