What is King’s real name?

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Minus the Zoro v King bit, you people were saying "Zoro was given his climax" after Roofpiece ended. Yet again climax is mentioned and Zoro being "finished" lol
okay but if Zkk is still happening

why have zoro “kill” a dragon over the flower capital? If ZKK is supposedly the climax of the arc, why draw that exact same scene but with king?

Also tbh zoro has done enough. First the rooftop, now king. Kaido is Luffy’s fight. Kaido knows shit about Joyboy, which is crucial to the story.

zoro intervening makes absolutely no sense.


Oda's accuser
:suresure: King slowest form lol
He's actually fast depending on flames boosting him not his zoan

:milaugh: Once again King fans have nothing except flame hax

It sucks...Oda didn't even give King more than 5 named attacks
His battle didn't even last longer on screen than Cracker vs Luffy

:milaugh:freaking WsW has better haki than him
No wonder why he knew he can challenge King
And kaido didn't rebuke him
Ndule posting Ndule things :josad:
Don't worry, just because IJ = UTG does not mean Oda will stop drawing Cook alongside Zoro to make him look good by riding Zoro's hype train. :rolaugh:
Lmao someone's insecure that a cook manages to be equal to future wss without even trying. 1000+ chapters and Loda has Wanji train for the first time:steef:

Imagine 3 swords and rhm portrayal being the only thing to separate you from the cook:gokulaugh::cheers:

Current Wanji blitzes zoLo faster than he can draw his swords or even perceive and then launches him to the next island crying wondering why his bones are melting from plasma:milaugh::blush:
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