What is King’s real name?

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Shishio is definitely baiting, thinking Zoro didn't accidentally use CoC for the scar is a wild take, Kaido implies he did and Zoro is beyond any doubt confirmed to be a CoC user chapters later, both events being unrelated would be crazy writing.
Pretty sure what he meant was that Zoro DID accidentally use CoC for the scar but he's saying it was a burst of basic CoC, not coating.
Okay so when King is speed blitzing, the fire on his back goes out and he loses durability… Okay, what about when he summons his fire dragon? Isn’t He using the flames on his back to attack? Does his durability also go down when he uses the fire dragon?
asura being CoC makes no sense. Not a single CoC user has used this ability before. If you say Asura is tier 5 advanced CoC or whatever, why did zoro learn that before learning basic CoC and CoC coating. If this is the route Oda is going, then its an asspull. Plain and simple.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
If anyone has the chance can we side by side Kaido and Yamato's clash 1024 and Zoro and King's CoC clash i want the people to see and judge if they're the same or if they're different, in my eyes they look very similar
Zoro and King didn't have CoC clash

The context of panels before and afterwards reflects it was not CoC clash

More like Zoro unleashed CoC to save his swords
Lol that "Strange Aura" Have you even read the previous chapter, there is no such thing as strange aura, it is Zoro's CoA leaking through Enma, ACoC have black lightening, where is black lightening show me.

Zoro released just as much Haki through Enma against Kaido as he did against King but what succeeded against Kaido failed against King.

Read the dialogue carefully.
Okay here's the dialogue from this chapter:

Zoro: "Hah... Hah...
I don't have much time...
If the fight lasts any longer, my sword can kill me!!"

King: "I can sense that dangerous aura."

Here's Roofpiece:

Aura didn't exist until the current chapter.

As for King's comment it refered to his special ability not that he was superior. There are multiple different translations of that sentence.
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