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This was a great chapter

Love that Oda finally visually showcased how insane Sanji's AP is appose to just having someone in the background exclaim "Damn that was powerful" honestly new it was strong but the share scale exceeded my expectations.

Zoro vs King was epic :steef:. Knowing how Kings abilities work now make me believe he isn't much stronger than the other commanders if at all you also get a nice display of how much stronger Zoro is now.

Luffy really has some monsters under his wing :crazwhat:.
Best 1v1 exchange in onigashima , Best Zoro Fight Since Thriller Bark honestly. And probably 2nd Best Zoro fight in the series overall.

Might be Zoro's best fight once its animated, there's a lot of parrying panels in this one so Animation wise this fight has a lot of potential.

Agreed, the choreography is spot on. Ranged attacks kinda ruined his style since he was always shooting off beams and stuff and we never get to see him actually clash steel on steel like most of pre skip. This fight feels like the Mr One fight where he was actually landing pretty good attacks and to some extent dominating Mr 1 physically.
I love the little panel where he spins on air and lands a devastating attack. Good stuff. People tend to forget Zoro is highly technical given his dojo background and not just a brute. This fight brought his excellent technique back to the fore.
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