Do you believe these spoilers ?

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Isn't Islamabad a fairly modern city? Its almost like living in an American city?
I lived in Karachi as a Kid and it was kinda meh
i haven't been to pakistan that much myself but yea each government comes and has its ways with the country and loots it Islamabad is the capital so you'd expect modernization to some extent.. Karachi and Lahore have their charms as well
so if i crack a daddy jokes about her weight in front lf you just like you did with "Allahu akbar" ofc in a sense we all know you'd be fine right? jest is jest innt?
I'd just look at you weird lol like wtf is wrong with you, you don't even know her.
My mom is more skinny than fat so she'd appreciate the overweight jokes I guess lol
She weighs like 100 pounds maybe
your are comparing apples with peaches.....:kaidowhat:
Zoro mid diff King with advcoc and King has a better defense than kaido
Luffy&Kaido are both to the ground after some advcoc clashes.... Zoro took hakkay and continues after clown:suresure:
Zoro Ap and lethality prior to advcoc was superior to Luffy same is with advcoc.
Learn to read the manga.
Zoro vs King was high diff.

Kaido would low diff King.
Kaido is roughly equal with Luffy therefore Luffy mid diffs Zoro.
We thought ZKK was dead cause Luffy would beat Kaido. But ZKK is dead cause Luffy would never let Zoro kill his new friend
tell that to the 9 scabban tell that to Oden spirit, tell that to all the citizen that suffer Kaido in the past 20 years.
Stop with your stupid headcanon and learn to read this manga :kaidowhat::lawsigh::gonope:
It seems to be related to something though, I remember Sandman talking about it the first time Kaido and Luffy were laughing so there might be something to come from this, the same way Zoro calling the full names of his swords was odd but it was building a plot about them.
Lmao if Kaido doesn end up being sympathetic
Issue is education, they need to teach tolerance in schools
Agreed. Even if not every one, but at least one person from one family should be educated, like sponsored from government. Because later he can teach the same to his family and surrounding people. Lets not ignore the economics of education, especially now when inflation is at all time high.
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