Do you believe these spoilers ?

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You know very well that if ZKK happened the fanbase would be flooded by people wanking it into oblivion and bragging about how OP and big dicked Zoro is for beheading a Yonko :goatasure:

ZKK stans use that narrative talk as a crutch, everybody knows which is why most people don’t take the theory seriously.
Tbh, I usually don't see ZKK stans using it for power stuff anymore. Maybe back in chapter 1000. But after all those feats on Rooftop and now ACoC, Zoro beheading Kaido in an undefended strike is obvious outcome should it land lol, and it's not even that big of a deal.

The ones who do anticipate it for powerscaling are the ones who think Zoro will be defeating/overpowering/etc Kaido during that final attack or something.

Either way, I always looked at it as narrative prediction.
Kuina and tashigi at first, both wanted to become the world's greatest swordsman/woman

Becoming the best at something (in this case swordsmanship which is very common in one piece) should be a dream that attracts more people
But this is a life or death goal… Like this isnt the same as becoming the best at a sport in the real world… In fact in the real wprld you get money for that but even if there was no money, you dont risk death from becoming the best Marathon runner

Tashigi’s goal has only ever been to find all the named blades in the world… kuina qas written to have Zoro’s goal specifically so she can die… Yes, if Kuina did live and become an adult, it would have been intetesting in as much as its interesting that Zoro has this goal… but then kuina would have been basically a female Zoro since there is no more to this goal than what it just is… Mihawk is interesting in that he is post the goal… He has achieved it and we can see that there is literally NOTHING after that… After achieving the goal, all you do is wait for someone else to takw the title eventually how ever many years that takes

this is why no one besides Zoro will beat Mihawk for that title… Because this goal is too tied to what these characters are than stuff like pirate king where any number of people can want that title for any mumber of reasons… Only one type of person would want this goal and only one type of person would benefit from it…
too bad it makes Luffy vs Kaido meaningless

It doesn't. Luffy defeating Kaido in a 1v1, breaking the "in a one-on-one, always bet on Kaido" legend, would be more than enough for him. It would be an insane feat.

Remember the awakened Zoans in Impel Down? What if Kaido awakens but is in a primitive state like those guardians (out of his mind and on a rampage)? Zoro would kill a strong version of "Kaido" in dragon form.

Luffy would get his Yonko feat.
Zoro would get his legendary samurai feat. Beheading a dragon or mortally injuring it is a massive feat. Think of how hard it is to get through those scales (Asura in 1010 and Oden vs Kaido).

This is only one of the possibilities. And obviously, it's not impossible that Oda will retcon awakening in the end and make him use it in the fight with Luffy. All of that to say that the casual readers don't need to think of the how. If Oda wants to make it happen, he can and will certainly do so without taking away anything from Luffy.

Bro you should collaborate with a poor mangaka to write this masterpiece work Two Piece. Fuck Oda bro, he gives too much credit to Luffy than to the grandmaster
:cheers:I hope you like this two piece ^
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Keep coping loser. Your downplaying luffys fight with kaido and think kaidos at 1 hp lmao sf weird
didn't occure to you how only luffy had the most difficulty dealing with kaido, even with zoro looking after him whenever he could, luffy still gets K.O'ed,
he get's AdvCoC and still gets K.O'ed.
kaido is on his last leg, and luffy rested and eat until his strength was back.
if luffy gets K.O'ed this time there's no doubt he's bellow zoro in terms of strength.
The fact you can't even understand the difference between a point blank attack and attack that had to travel through water tells me everything we need to know about you and your post.
You dont notice how There is a distance between Zoro and Hody while King was right on top of Zoro
lmao zoro is a bum
Hody stopped throwing the droplets, looked at zoro, turned around to grab one of is men and use him as a shield in the same amount of time it took the attack to reach him
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