Do you believe these spoilers ?

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@MonsterKaido Not only it is confirmed for the fourth (or fifth) time that Waido is the strongest he is still fighting while lifting the island :myman: can't wait to see his awakening
Fake hype by a shitty Mangaka.

Hybrid Kaido struggling versus base Luffy and he‘ll be beaten in few minutes. If Kaido doesn‘t have anything special, he definitely is the weakest Yonko.

on the other hand, it‘s a shitty Mangaka who has zero Idea, what tension is and how to execute properly a power-scale
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Are you dumb?, I am showing stats that make clear that if Luffy base can fight Kaido so can Zoro which has equal stats for speed (which you guys are all downplaying).
The other stats are even better for Zoro than base Luffy
Zoro defense > Base Luffy
Zoro reaction = Base Luffy
Zoro attacks are way more lethal and are way more effective and devastating (as I saw the shash against Hawking in which Luffy said: wow in an istant)

@Geo asking if Zoro can do better than what Luffy show in the rooftop so far, the answer is yes he can :cheers:
You are showing posts early in the arc with non serious Luffy and Zoro fighting fodder.
Pathetic copium.
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