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The Road To Harmony

It's not a coincidence that just as we learn the kind of man Kaido once was, he begins to truly enjoy his fight with Luffy. Something definitely happened for Kaido to adopt his more cynical views, and Luffy putting up a challenge is helping to alleviate that. He may become less suicidal, and thus more dangerous over the course of the battle. Luffy, however, Oda told us during Jump Festa to keep an eye on him, and Kaido once commented on him smiling more when things became more dire.

It could mean Luffy is closer to death in this fight than he ever has before. This will be an uphill battle for sure. I thought Luffy would be mostly alright by the end of this arc, heavily injured, but alright. But now I wouldn't be surprised if his life is in jeopardy just like Zoro once the Mink drug wears off.
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You gotta include all of the tertiary stuff. Way to much additional things are going on beside it. 2 chapters is not enough for everything else, I'm sorry lol
3 panel to close ninja fight - 5 panel to close Hyori with Denjiro (so far half chapter) & Yamato (max 2 panel to close the explosive&weapon stuff) - CPO (depending if the capture or not Robin) it will be non that long (they basically finish Apoo&Drake in 3 pictures) so I give this line (3 more panels) - this is a chapter (16,17 pages). It possible especially the way Oda is compressing and putting the turbo for the final stage in Wano.
Then there is 1 chapter to conclude the Kazebo plot (with Yamato or Marco), (max 3 panel with a duble spread), small plot point like Killer moving somewhere, franky&Jimbe - Robin&Brook update (which will take again 5 panels) there is still 8 panels left for extra stuff.
remember this post

Kaido may look kinda harmless now, and it's mainly because he just want to die, so he doeant care if Luffy defeat him or not

but his development will be that he will change his mind and decide he want to live, bodies will start falling left and right and his evilness will start to take over
Kaido will have awakening and rampage, it’s inevitable now. Looks way too much like an easy dub for Luffy if he’s still in base while Kaido’s in hybrid
Kaido will have awakening and rampage, it’s inevitable now. Looks way too much like an easy dub for Luffy if he’s still in base while Kaido’s in hybrid
he definitely still have tricks up in his sleeves even with his dream being just wanting to die

but I still think he's holding himself back because of that desire, there's a huge difference between fighting to die and fighting to survive

Oda will use that as a twist
So King + Queen could take out Kaido? Cap.
I don’t think so. And that’s not what I said. How do you come to that conclusion?
Kaido>big mom
So Zoro+queen > big mom but that doesn’t mean king + queen > kaido
And even zoro + Sanji > big mom is something I believe. Cuz both of them definitely have the ability to hurt her. Especially Zoro his attacks deal a huge amount of damage. 2-3 hits can definitely take big mom out and sanji can create the openings.
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