Do you believe these spoilers ?

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Luffy has always been crazy and exceptional though, just like Roger, Garp, Rocks; true inheritors of the Will of D.
He was never like this with Crocodile, Enel, or any other big bad other than maybe Katakuri. Dude's starting to go off the deep end. Looks like Luffy's having a swell, old time with the resident murder hobo. Makes me sick.
However, the idea of the rooftop gathering of the 5 Supernovas was not intended by Oda. You have to remember that this was Chapter 1000, you had to make the most of it and promote it.
Another lie Oda never said. He said he had to make 1000 special meaning the rooftop plotline was probably never gonna be planned until a couple chapters later.

The rooftop was always planned.

Can y’all stop twisting what Oda said?
I don’t want Luffy to say : Kaido you are a monster I’ll kill you, I will avenge momo etc.

But I don’t want Luffy to laugh 10 times during this fight saying how much he is enjoying this,

This remove all the tensions.

This is a war : Akainu and WB didn’t laugh their ass off. WB only laugh with Roger.
Luffy didn’t laugh with Arlong, Lucci, Croco, Don Krieg etc.

Luffy can laugh if he is fighting Kid or Koby not now against Kaido.
On one hand i definitely agree but on the other, Kaidou as Yonkou is different from pre-TS villains.
But that would kill any semblance of Law and Kid being Luffy's rivals
But that would kill any semblance of Law and Kid being Luffy's rivals
They are already very far from Luffy's level.

Even their crews are not up to the task. What good is it to add rivals to Luffy when Luffy already has his rival and enemy opposed to the member of the D Teach clan aka Blackbeard
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