Do you believe these spoilers ?

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Lanji is going to be the world's strongest something, Vice something and super something all because Lanjidumbos convinced themselves that Lanji gets to be the blonde Zoro. :kobeha: you read dumb takes like this for years and you start to understand from where the Lanji is going to be top tier or Lanji vs Admirals agenda comes from, it's their obsession with Lanji being the blonde Zoro. :saden:
:whitepress: how do you not lose braincells writing this kind of bullshit
if zoro with top tier ap can't then no one
Zoro doesn't have top tier ap though.
It couldn't knock Kaido down, despite going ALL OUT and apparently using adv CoC.
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yeah zoro damaged king to before acoc in 1022
whats new?
if zoro with top tier ap acoc can't damage lunarian hax condom can't neither
Luffy is fighting a serious yonko 1vs1, his AP is much higher.
Even when both Zoro and Luffy used adv CoC for the first time, despite Zoro using everything and going all out with Asura he couldn't knock Kaido down, something Luffy did with unnamed base blows, not going all out but fighting a 30 minute 1vs1.
Why do I have to prove a negative? We know Akainu was and theres no evidece that Sengoku was, if you think he was then you are the one that has to prove it:seriously:
Maybe the fact Sengoku has been fleet admiral (which is instated by the WG in normal circumstances, as the whole reason Aokiji fought Akainu was to go against that decision ) and even before that Gorosei gave him the secret mission to send a buster call to Ohara he had no problem obeying to while telling someone who was against it to not doubt the WG? Maybe he was less ruthless than Akainu, but he had no problem obeying and doing the WG dirty work. It's not like Akainu let the WG walk all over him, as he had an intense argument with the Gorosei over the Doflamingo matter. I see no real reason why Akainu cannot have COC, ofc it's up to Oda.
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Will anyone actually die in this "war" lmfao?

We're over a year and a half into this supposedly huge and dramatic war and so far we once again haven't seen a single casuality. All we got were several cringeworthy cop-outs and fake-deaths again.

How can anyone still defend this bs?

Even if you say that this has always been the case in OP (it has), it's just beyond ridiculous at this point.

Maybe someone should finally sit Oda down and show him shows like Arcane, which show how great modern storytelling in the 21st century works.
And the extra large imperial magma dragon.
No, Zoro only cut King's wing

Zoro has so much AP that one of his new mid level attacks cut through King's top tier defenses, King's adCoA coated fire sword and King's Akainu level attack while Luffy is struggling to damage Kaido's durability which can be easily bypassed by Kinemon and Kiku. :crazwhat:
What do you expect from the dude who got one shotted by Apoo? :suresure: He got lucky Zoro carried him at the rooftop.
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