What has awakened that the Gorosei are talking about?

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So lets reevaluate Oda's Jump Festa statement. He said he will introduce a Legend Lurking in the World, which will be the greatest enemy for the Straw Hats, and it will perhaps be related to Whitebeard.

This legend might no have a direct link to Whitebeard, but what if, it has a link to his devil fruit? Like the original Gura Gura no Mi user used it to bury this thing deep within the sea? And the DF the Gorosei are talking about, is actually the Gura Gura no Mi? This thing is touted as possessing the power to destroy the World. So what if, the Gura Gura no Mi, actually has another name? A "Vibration" fruit is kind of a lackluster name for something that should be so powerful.
As far as I am concerned they are separate statements made in relation to wano arc(it = wano arc). So
1. Introduce a Lurking legend.
2. SHs will face greatest enemy so far.
3. Will get info on WB pirates.
Does anyone still think Kaido > Mihawk?
I don't think any logical case can be made at this point since going by Zoro and Odens power Mihawk just needs one attack to kill him.
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which ones aren't portrayed like that?
Surya - Sun God
Indra - King of Heaven

Are among the most prominent ones not portrayed that way
perhaps I might have made too much of a generalization saying every deity is like that, but I cannot think of one that isn't portrayed with multiple limbs. I know that some of the gods have forms where they don't have multiple limbs. But at least all of the major ones I can think of are portrayed this way.
Mythical Zoan, Hito Hito no Mi: Nika. Nika had a flexible body. The WG hid it and renamed it the Gomu Gomu No Mi based on its base properties.

Luffy having flame-like haki coating in Gear 4 was a hint. Hyogoro saying Luffy looked like a guardian diety whilst in Gear 4 was a hint. The fact that Who's who (Who lost the fruit) was the one who enlightened us on the Sun God Nika was a hint.

Gomu Gomu no Mi's awakening is Luffy fully transforming into Sun God Nika.
No one except 1. And even that guy jsnt supposed to be prayed a lot. Maybe someone other among the minor ones and all but among the major ones, only one. You might've seen someone with a lot of hads (way more than 3) and that's actually just represents the various avatars of them.
Are you talking about brahma? That's the one that I think looks the most like Zoro's asura
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