What has awakened that the Gorosei are talking about?

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So that's what prevents the WG from entering Wano and conquering it.
ZUNESHA it will probably wipeout their entire fleet.
Actually, Wano is the biggest and best natural fortress in the entire series. It has a MASSIVE height advantage. Like, King alone neg-diffed most of the BMP pirates because of it, all he had to do was push them. It'll be very difficult for even the navy considering then there will be even more people to defend the walls from the BP.
It seems like Zunesha is the lazy solution to deal with any fleet..
First Jack (Kaido's right hand) & now the WG fleet.
Rip theorists who were expecting SH Grand Fleet to show up and face WG ships
Much like how Shirahoshi being Poseidon has plot device potential to cry and summon any giant Sea King fishies to deal with the situation

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