What has awakened that the Gorosei are talking about?

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Depends how leveled your tier system is, Zoro and Yamato have no chance to beat Kaido whatsoever and wouldn't be more of a high-mid diff for him to beat them, so I don't see how putting them in the same tier makes much sense.

Yamato makes the big distinction between herself and Luffy clear.
Yeah, prolly mutliple CoC strength levels inbetween the absolute strongest guys and established high high tiers.
Since Luffy had an equal clash with Katakuri its been two decent power ups and multiple knock outs from which he learned a lot, but just assuming all this led to atleast one CoC growth up until now, which prolly kicked in fully, when he turned back to the Rooftop in 1023 (?), he has noteworthy more powerful CoC than Yamato, while he additionally can put it into juicy internal destruction haki blasts, whereas she relies on blunt force enhancement.

Definitely: His advCoC game >> hers overall
Start of Wano:


Oda retcon´s Luffys Powerlevel on the fly.Imagine unlocking ACoC by getting hit in your balls by Kaidos club
Luffy's adv CoC was more believable than the bullshit he pulled with Enma, he actually understood the concept and is a haki master with a CoC speciality, is a known combat genius and had been knocked out twice by it before learning it.
Zoro just had Enma training wheels unlock it for him.

That was drunk Kaido using adv CoC that Luffy had never experienced before, while being completely immune to his damage due to lack of ryuo.

Also Luffy's powerlevel has always been dependent on mindset eg. first loss to base Lucci; getting clowned by weak characters when not serious etc.
Who's who is ass lol

Stop fucking changing the obvious
Who's Who is weaker than Queen, yes.
Yet Jinbe defeated him mid difficulty, clean without distraction, without power up, and without water.

Queen is stronger than Who's who, but Sanji won only thanks to power up (he died without it when Queen slashed him), thanks to Queen attacked himself (he died squeezed by Queen if Queen didn't accidentally attacked himself and free Sanji), thanks to distraction. Well, without PU, his weak ass attack won't be enough to KO Queen.

So, difficulty matters. The formula stays as usual: Jinbe > Sanji.
No way Sanji already surpassing the guy who immune to Soul Pocus and the guy who almost sinked Big Mom to death.
I mean didn’t Oda himself say somewhere that he made Kaido too strong? Explains the insane power creep
Nah Oda didn’t say that… his comment was before Kaido ever fought so there was no idea in the reader’s mind that Kaido is too strong

what Oda said was that Kaido was so strong that Oda didn’t want Luffy to win because he simply punches really hard… that’s all

I guess Oda’s solution was to give Luffy ridiculous haki gains
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