What has awakened that the Gorosei are talking about?

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Still too early to say imo.

We have yet to see Big Mom's full power vs Kidd and Law, we are only still seeing glimpses so far with most of the fight off screened.
It sure as hell doesn't look promising given what we have seen until now and the fact that Kaido, being the MC opponent, is about to receive even more focus, highlight and hype.

I expect things from Big Mom but I don't really think they'll have matched what Kaido did when the arc it's over and we can look back at it completely. She has quite the catch up to do right now as she is.


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Dunno about other characters being much faster than Kaido.

Out of the Admirals it's only Kizaru and Shanks from the Yonkou.
Base Luffy isnt fast. His speed is trash.
If you said G2, even that is trash that Katakuri easily outperformed.
YC tier has no issue whatsoever keeping up with Luffy's speed.
Top tiers are something else. Also, aCoC didnt boost his speed.
No they aren't bro, let's be honest.
East Blue Luffy's fists are stronger than a pistol, that is "lethal".
The damage that Luffy's fists do to stuff far stronger than steel, before even factoring in G3 (which itself is a massive AP and hardness buff) and hardening and internal destruction and adv CoC, is "lethal", he turned some fodder's head into squashed paste (non lethally of course), is blowing up organs internally (non lethally of course) etc.

Law's so called lethal gamma knife left no after effects on Doffy after coughing up some blood.

Up until Alber Zoro hadn't even cut off a part of someone let alone kill anyone, since joining the strawhats. Oda was clear to make this cutting off a bit of a wing rather than the arm or something, because he doesn't want his "good guys" seriously killing or maiming opponents generally.
It happened in 2vs1. Luffy is getting clowned in 1vs1. Nice try.
You said it yourself - Kizaru BLOCKED the attack and was clean. He wasnt on the ground crying that his skull is split open.
Kaido didnt respond to Zoro clapping him with Asura. Zoro negged those slashes from Kaido, no effort whatsoever.
Luffy is a top tier for tanking Kaido's named attack without injury just as much as Law is a top tier for doing the same.

And Law wasnt on the ground crying that it hurts.
You are just fooling yourself by thinking Luffy's performance is top tier but you will realize it soon enough.
You didnt learn in the past, you wont learn now either.
So Big Mom got her shit rocked against two YC? Must mean she's YC lv too.
Kizaru got sent flying and caused an explosion from a nameless kick meanwhile Luffy took an attack stronger than Ragnarok lol.
Kaido to Asura "Oh, you scarred me? Well, you have done enough" -> processes to ko him with TB. Kaido now "It's been a while that someone pushed me this far in a 1vs1".
Law didn't tank anything. He was lying on the ground and had to rely on Luffy afterwards. Meanwhile Luffy tanks Kaido's gatling attacks and afterwards, he kicked his guts with a G3 kick, drawing him white eyes.

Yep, Law was officially defeated.
Ok, if you say so, tier specialist.
The only one failing to learn from his past mistakes are you. You feel for the old formular "The underdog being destroyed at the beginning till the middle" and now you're surprised why the underdog started matching the superior opponent. LOL.
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Luffy vs Kaido Round 1 : Low difff (Flower capital?)

Luffy vs Kaido Round 2: Low Diff (When Zoro came in to save him)

Luffy vs Kaido Round 3: Low Diff (When he fell down from Onigashima)

Luffy vs Kaido Round 4: Midd diff this time?
Round 1 was a drunk (boosted) Kaido against a Luffy who couldn't hurt him because he didn't have ryuo, and was mentally unstable because of anger.
Round 2 wasn't Low diff, Kaido had to go hybrid and was scared of Luffy's adv CoA attacks.
Round 3 was a 30 minute fight, and Kaido was huffing, not Low diff either.
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