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One Piece Chapter 1038: "Big Mom vs Kid and Law"

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This was a really good chapter

Fukurokuju vs Raizo is the legendary fight that won't end until Kaido and Big Mom's fight finishes lol

I really wanna see what Izo can do with his guns against people like CP0 maybe Marco can also join to help him.

The situation with Zoro and the Shinigami attacking with a scythe could totally be hallucinations, or some gag with Brook maybe, looking forward to where this leads

Holy shit I wasn't expecting Big Mom to get wounded like that, Kidd and Law were bad asses this chapter.


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Good chapter.
Raizo having the endure the flames feels like a nice twist after Oden enduring being boiled alive for him, and the Minks enduring torture to hide him.
It's his time to endure pain. Respect.

Finally Yamato's real 1v1....against a drawing....hopefully it will be dealt with swiftly.

Oda: "look guys. Tension. Someone is really almost dead. Look. I will even draw a Grim Reaper to convince you!"

Aaaaaah, the filler fight of the filler fights approach its climax! Can't wait for it to be over. Kidd is severely underused by Oda. Sucks to be him.

Dick move to cut from the Zunisha goody, but that's Oda for ya.

Overall, a solid 3.5/5.
It could be higher if I had any shred of emotional investment on the big mom fight. Oh well...
A nice chapter building towards a climax. Great to learn the BM Pirates took some Ws at the end of WCI with Niji and Yonji looking like the latest Vivre Card pack. Pudding knows everything Sanji went through to try and save his despicable family, I imagine it's her turn to rescue the in-laws.

As long as Orochi is around, his vestiges will continue to haunt the battlefield. Pretty cool that Raizo was the one complaining about heat in 971 as Oden was boiling and now he's forced to prove himself in a trial by fire. Still no clue if these are DF powers or ninjas playing pretend. Yamato's frost attacks don't seem to affect Kazenbo, creating a tricky showdown between the inherited wills of Kurozomi and Oden. Also interesting are the radioactive hazard signs in the bomb room....meaning Onigashima is a literal flying nuke.:bignews: Lastly, Izo the next to stand his ground against CP0. This is reminding me of Akainu's bloody pursuit where he streamrolled countless allies on his way to Luffy and I love it.

Reaper seeing all these Onigashima characters talk about death but nobody actually dropping:

And the real King of Hell took it personally. It would be quite a spectacle if Mink medicine was better than drugs and Zoro is seeing the Grim Reaper just as he's about to enter a near death state from receiving twice his pain all at once. But the odd timing and Brook's distinct face, covered up just enough here, is perfect for a skull joke.
Kid channeling his bull-riding ancestor Billy The Kid.:crazwhat: Similar to 1030, Law ding-a-lings Big Mom again with his extended Shock Willie. The doc shows no mercy. Neat that Kroom (pronounced Chrome, a coating used in surgical blades) can expand objects to give Law the ultimate scalpel. Kid without Awakening/AdvCoC/using the homies to slam into Big Mom over and over again, justifying it with a rain analogy is just hilarious. While all the rookies no doubt believe in each other, the outcome of the battle remains an enigma. Big Mom cannot win and ruin the momentum on the roof. But BM falling before Kaido, against a fraction of the opponents, with a fraction of the damage taken, could sour the meaning of Luffy's struggle. I'll throw this out there: a mechanical bull riding contest.:madmonk:
It looks like the Reaper is only seen by Zoro. So it's not that Zoro can't move but that his body "won't" move....like he's being forced to be like this. Lol he is 100% getting up.

So Big Mom exerted herself a lot and is tired from fucking Law and Midd up....and they made it sound like they put her in that position :milaugh:

And they said Kaido was not nerfed. The Yonko are going to lose due to a team effort and not any single individual

Oda must be projecting onto Luffy lol, everyone is his damn cheerleader 🤣. Did he not have friends at school or something? :kriwhat:

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