Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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One Piece sucks
Above current Kid and Kata
Yamato beats King go back to yamato vs King thread and see my post before writing this bullshit :gonope:
Yeah king>Kidd
Imagine thinking that and you think you're sane

Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ Zoro who defeated King wasn't acknowledged by Yonko
Yonko acknowledged only Yamato, Kidd, Law and Luffy as serious threats

You :king> Kidd/kata/Law

:milaugh: a dude who can't KO fodders and said to be nothing compared to Yonko by CP0 is above someone BM hypes and acknowledges
What is the bullshit of big mom has defeated kid and law but they get up again and we wont let you go ? This is sooooo boring . If big mom will got defeated , just oda can do wothout stupid things .
It shows Three Things:

1. Kid + Law aren't near Big Mom's Level, they are still Far
2. Kid & Law are prepared to do anything so that Big Mom is Stalled
3. There is No Confirmation that BM is going down this Arc, that is just your Headcanon

Big Mom is a Character that Oda created way before he started the Manga & before he even added Shichibukai & other Side Characters
Her Story has always been part of Original Plot. While Supernova are Characters which Oda didn't Plan for until Half the Story.
They will definitely have Big Roles, but not enough to change Big Mom's Main Role & what Oda planned for her (+25 Years ago)

Big Mom's True Role won't be explored until Final Arc
Fate chose her to be born with Protected Body, that's because she is Important for The Dawn, just like Luffy or Momo or Shirahoshi ... etc
Big Mom cannot be put down, she can only be Stalled or Temporarily Stopped
That thing about Zoro can be:
1) Enma avatar;
2) spiritual figure of the pain for the side effect of the Minks medicine.
The first bring Enma near to become a black blade, the second bring Zoro close to complete the Ashura path
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