Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Next chapter will be interesting to see if you right cuz that fight aint lasting that long.
We can't say how long anything is lasting really. If it ends next chapter or 1040, or 1045 or 1050, who knows. The whole conversation was about Kid and Law only lasting as long. Does one of them lose (imo, it can't be Kid)? Does that shift the dynamic of the fight?
All of this is pointless, before awakening none of even thought Kid and Law could even harm her. We didn’t even know she could power herself up

you guys underestimate Oda as a writer and his imagination
They could actually harm her

Gamma Knife can cause internal damages, law even managed to hit kaido's heart

And kidd could cause internal damages to her and kaido by crushing her

It'd be pretty weird if they go from losing to her to defeat her in the next chapter

But then again you have a point, oda could find other ways to have them win
Could I see Law losing? Maybe. Kid? Absolutely not because of 1029. He's set up to win because of Killer/Hawkins.
it's called red herring

Remember Kidd had a huge plot against Kaido that didn't lead to anything so far
I believe both of these arguments are correct. Kid will be instrumental in taking down both Big Mom and Kaido.:kidsmile:

But seriously, it all makes sense if you're a raid failer. Kid will have a temporary victory here against Big Mom like the rest of the alliance have, and he'll also get his big moment with Kaido later after the raid fails.
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