Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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King being above Kid isn't that insane if we just go by what Kid has shown so far.
King hasn't shown anything above Kidd
There's nothing exveot stupidity

Kidd :
  • Base Kidd Overpowered BM with one arm (something king can never do)
  • Punk Kidd crushes Zoan Kaido
  • Has been tanking named attacks from Kaido and BM without being KOed
  • Awakened Kidd hurts Linlin
  • He's among the 4 acknowledged for their strenght this arc by Yonko!
Saying King> Kid isn't crazy us blatantly stupid
CpO said King and them are nothing compared to Yonko (the same Yonko who hype SN trio & Yamato )
- Chapter 1038: "Kid & Law vs Big Mom".
- Kid & Law vs. Big Mom.
- It seems that at first Big Mom had defeated them.
- Big Mom walks towards where Kaidou is but Kid and Law attack her again.
- Kid * Law: "Listen, old lady!!"
- Kid & Law : "Even if we die, we won't let you get to the roof!!!"
Fight should end next chapter based on the titel name, doesn´t sound good for Law and Kid to be honest, the Yonji and Niji plot also could hint that Big mom story keep going even after wano.
I look forward for this battle, next chapter it going to end, make you bets:
Big mom winning?
Kid and Law winning?
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It shows Three Things:

1. Kid + Law aren't near Big Mom's Level, they are still Far
2. Kid & Law are prepared to do anything so that Big Mom is Stalled
3. There is No Confirmation that BM is going down this Arc, that is just your Headcanon

Big Mom is a Character that Oda created way before he started the Manga & before he even added Shichibukai & other Side Characters
Her Story has always been part of Original Plot. While Supernova are Characters which Oda didn't Plan for until Half the Story.
They will definitely have Big Roles, but not enough to change Big Mom's Main Role & what Oda planned for her (+25 Years ago)

Big Mom's True Role won't be explored until Final Arc
Fate chose her to be born with Protected Body, that's because she is Important for The Dawn, just like Luffy or Momo or Shirahoshi ... etc
Big Mom cannot be put down, she can only be Stalled or Temporarily Stopped
Finally an intellectual

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