Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Chapter reinforces my idea that the island will blow up one way or another, and big mom will be "gag" defeated again and will show back up later on. Law and kid aren't able to defeat here is the main take, and I would hate for a gag with broke at this point int he arc that's just grim ripperie without plot relevance
It shows Three Things:

1. Kid + Law aren't near Big Mom's Level, they are still Far
2. Kid & Law are prepared to do anything so that Big Mom is Stalled
3. There is No Confirmation that BM is going down this Arc, that is just your Headcanon

Big Mom is a Character that Oda created way before he started the Manga & before he even added Shichibukai & other Side Characters
Her Story has always been part of Original Plot. While Supernova are Characters which Oda didn't Plan for until Half the Story.
They will definitely have Big Roles, but not enough to change Big Mom's Main Role & what Oda planned for her (+25 Years ago)

Big Mom's True Role won't be explored until Final Arc
Fate chose her to be born with Protected Body, that's because she is Important for The Dawn, just like Luffy or Momo or Shirahoshi ... etc
Big Mom cannot be put down, she can only be Stalled or Temporarily Stopped
Only thing we know is kaido is going down via oden journal

Bigmom will not be defeated but she will lose Her Yonko status
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