Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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"Back to the Live Floor, we see Big Mom is attacking Law and Kid over and over again. Law and Kid's subordinates ask Big Mom to stop. Big Mom finally stops and stands in front of Law and Kid, who are heavily injured lying on the ground."

And ppl thought Luffy and Zoro could defeat her in a 1 v 1 :whitepress:
I am looking at you Cin:suresure:
Cinera is wild since wano started
Making absurd judgements

Zoro can't even push BM past upper-low diff 1v1
If bM can tank awakened move without bleeding at first and it takes another to be hurt...then Zoro's external attacks isn't doing much
Only 3 dragons, sanzen sekai and Ashura can troy hurt Linlin but it won't KO her

This woman ranked Kidd and law awakened moves that will Kill or fatally wound most top tiers

Luffy isn't beating BM too 1v1, he loses high diff
He's fighting weakened Kaido (weaker than BM currently )
dude whats he is trying to say is that zoro wont be able to do shit as he already played his part and thats fine
He just talks off his ass always mate.

Likes take Ls but cries when faced.

He said Zoro played his part since 40 chapters ago I think even lmao there's still something reserved for Zoro it seems now.
I dont really care for him but since BM is most likely going down next chapter then Oda really should have Kid being the one to deal the final blow, and maybe even throw 1-2 pages of flashback of him and Killer, that would redeem him for the most part in my book at least character wise, his fighting style is still very boring:few:
I mean there was no way Oda was going to kill Kid and Law.
Even in seinen manga popular characters like law find ways to escape lol.
You gotta think about BM / Kaido status mate they are like pirates with 20+ years of experience probably so commiting such mistakes is either them being dumbs or just author plot.

Escape sounds logical true.
sí, lo masturban, pero haces que suene como si no tuvieran una razón para ello
that's the worst, maybe they don't have a valid reason

maybe they are just trolls

maybe they are so dull that they forget that the manga revolves around luffy and not zoro

maybe they forget that zoro and sanji is a duality

Or maybe they're just stupid.
I dont know
Xebec was a teamfight apparently tho.
Why not? Isn't kid like a rival according to Oda.

Law used only GK in the rooftop not awakening.
And well GK did not much than momentarily stun then .

Again it's the combo of the two what is making BM take damage.
was a teamfight but was still rogers strongest ever rival
same island as teach
a D
teach named his ship after him.
if you are going to draw any parallel to bb its him.

"Law used only GK in the rooftop not awakening.
And well GK did not much than momentarily stun then ."

she takes damage from the individually
reread the scene after law attacks
and after kidd attacks
you see how much damage it individually does.
they are both hax df
i dont know why you are arguing against this . you think kid's fruit is average or what...
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