Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Man come one Law. You have the ability to damage Linlin's insides and the best you can do with a SNEAK ATTACK is...

Stabbing her arm and her mouth.

Go for her cholesterol ridden heart:shame:
Since when attack the hearts actually kill someone in one piece ? Crocodile slab luffy heart literallly. Akainu punch Whitebeard heart.
you have to cut the head off to kill someone in one piece . Zoro kill kaido as fact.
Why is it that you all don’t realize that Kid wouldn’t even be having this fight if it weren’t for Law. You are reading two piece of you think Oda would let Kid take on a fresh yonko solo. Law has helped Kid’s rep, not the other way around.
Kidd has CoC. Law doesn’t so he can’t have a CoC clash with Big Mom. That simple. Not trying to hear anything else you’re saying lol
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