Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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It is just that they hate Kidd
They've been saying Kidd is trash since they heard he somehow lost to SC which was fakenews and when he lost to kaido...they thought he was oneshotted which was luffy case later on

For them "it's just metals, doesn't look amazing so Law is stronger " so silly
They should accept it that magneto stuff they want, oda isn't gonna show Kidd doing those moves
This is how Kidd fights and we gotta accept itt
It doesn't make Law > Kidd
Law has never been > Kidd and Luffy except pre ts where he was > luffy

Most of these guys are doffy and admiral fans
Wanking Law means boosting Fuji & Doffy
What exactly do you think makes Kid stronger though? Law's DF is straight broken
Kidd can't do shit with his slow ass attk without the opponent being stunned or shackled.
kidd really should worship zoro luffy and law after carrying him the rest of wano. even killer his second in command manage to get a W and looks more impressive than him in rooftop
You okay?

Limlin was up and coming after him when Kidd attacked
It is Law who sneaked Linlin

How silly are you guys?

I swear you guys are really somehow

Now wonder you want Marco/zoro cause oda draws their attacks flashy and you think cool flashy attacks mean someone is stronger
You know we need to see the damage done from Kidds attack in order to give him proper credit...........
Nah man, you know damn well no matter what condition Big Moms in when she gets up, dudes on here will just say some shit like “Law did most of the damage.” Same thing happened after Punk Clash clearly did more damage than Shock Wille when we saw the aftermath in chapter 1031. It’s whatever at this point lol. I guess it’s to be expected since Law is much more popular compared to Kidd
That is LITERALLY One Piece.

This is the chapter before Luffy beats Katakuri

This the chapter before Luffy beats Doflamingo

Btw Luffy didn't lose to doffy
Trying to be slick
He wasn't losing to Doffy

Kata is a YC even if he's more skilled

This is Yonko not Kata or Calamities
You also thought the battle might end back then when they used awakening
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