Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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You okay?

Limlin was up and coming after him when Kidd attacked
It is Law who sneaked Linlin

How silly are you guys?

I swear you guys are really somehow

Now wonder you want Marco/zoro cause oda draws their attacks flashy and you think cool flashy attacks mean someone is stronger
stop crying cuase big mom looks unimpressive for a yonkou and kidd just got carried by law.
My list
1 Mihawk
2 Shanks
3 Dragon
4 Blackbeard
5 Akainu
6 Kaido
7 Kizaru
8 Aokiji
9 Big Mom
10 Luffy
11 Rayleigh
12 Fujitora
13 Green Bull
14 Zoro
15 Garp
16 Sengoku
17 Benn Beckman
18 Shiryu
19 King the Wildfire
20 Yamato
21 Law
22 Marco
23 Kidd
24 Weevil
25 Boa Hancock
26 Katakuri
27 Lucky Roo
28 Doflamingo
29 Yasopp
30 Sanji
:lusalty:Weren’t you saying Sanji > Doffy just a day ago?


The Rogue Prince
So from what I understand:

> KROOM is awakened ROOM.
> Anesthesia is the process of coating his sword with the KROOM and then piercing someone with it.
> He can also change the size of the sword/weapon/material that's coated with KROOM.
> Shock Wille is the attack the he puts out once the KROOM coated sword is thrust inside something and that's able to generate Shockwaves to the insides.
It's funny how some of the same people who claimed King and Queen are equal just because they stood next to each other or defeated some fodders togethe. Even though the manga and other official information tells us King is stronger are now claiming Law and Kid aren't equal. Even though they are standing next to each other, fighting Big Mom together, performing equally well and relying on each other for help to defeat her.
Coz Kidd was inactive between the time DR ended and wano

Law isn't > Kidd
Stop using bounties when Law has no CoC
Also Oda kept paralleling Kidd and luffy
Even on the roof, Law is 3rd fiddle

Bounties mean crap when you don't have CoC nor advanced haki.
They’ll see once CoC starts playing a role in this fight lol. Unless Law magically is given CoC, then he’ll be taking a backseat soon whether people like it or not :kayneshrug:
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