Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Maybe you and some other people should learn to fucking read. I have always said CoC users in their prime.

I'm not going to put 10 year old Ace over Marco

And Zoro showed non-CoC specialists unlock it later. He had Enma as a trigger to unlock it at 21 years old. Law without a doubt will unlock it at some point.
:milaugh:"at some point"

Nobody gonna save Kid Ace> Marco
You sound silly

When you both active in the same generation as pirates : CoC & advanced haki is what matters first
Kidd has CoC, Law doesn't

Stop using silly arguments
Ace isn't from Marco generation even + Kid Ace isn't Commander Ace
Who the hell gonna have kid Yamato>Marco

Just accept it you flip-flop due to doffy qank blinding you.

Law will always be the 3rd man, never above Kidd and Luffy
He's also the only one among SN trio to share similar feats with zoro
He's already Luffy's lackey
I'm not flipping flopping. Every post I've ever made about CoC has including an "age clause".

Children can use CoC. I'm not going to put them over seasoned veterans.
Nah man, you know damn well no matter what condition Big Moms in when she gets up, dudes on here will just say some shit like “Law did most of the damage.” Same thing happened after Punk Clash clearly did more damage then Shock Wille when we saw the aftermath in chapter 1031. It’s whatever at this point lol. I guess it’s to be expected since Law is much more popular compared to Kidd
It wouldn't hurt to show Some Blood when Kidd Attacks tho......
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