Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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idk bro she got her fight named and everything , law and kidd are insistent
looks like these are the people to take her down
defeated isnt the same as getting killed tbf.
Even though I'm on the side of Big Mom being defeated during this arc, I want her to have a proper defeat.

If Kid and Law use a random power up and quickly defeat Big Mom in the next chapter, that would be absolutely trash and the fight itself imo would end up being complete bs.

The problem so far with this fight is that a majority of it has been off screened, and this chapter that is supposed to be focused on Kid and Law vs Big Mom only has six pages focused on the fight.

I would also hate it if Big Mom gets defeated without seeing her awakening.

If Big Mom is going to be defeated, I want to see more chapters focused on the fight, Big Mom using her awakening and hopefully using her advanced CoC as well.

Say what you want about Big Mom and how Oda treats her, but at the end of the day she's still a Yonko and she has been a major antagonist post timeskip.

She needs to have a proper defeat.


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It doesn't seem like they had to though, before Roger was executed there were a lot less pirates. If two of the strongest supernova can't match up to Luffy together then... :lawsigh:
They haven't gotten 10 Zenaki boosts though. Every other character bar strawhats has a pretty realistic growth curve. Just because they're not there now doesn't mean if they survive they wont' be in the future.
but basic logic dictates that their attacks are on par with Kidd likely being a bit superior.
And that’s the problem right there. Apparently not many readers of One Piece on here can use basic logic so they believe Oda would draw a hype scene for the Supernova duo where only one of them did damage but the other one didn’t for some reason lol


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Isnt @Rosella.Fiamingo like the only fan of BM in this entire forum tho?

...i was a fan when she was a menacing sihouette in Fishman Island Arc...and apparently her design reveal gives way too much grandma vibe...and whenever she's in action, she's like clumsy and stuff lol
There are at least a dozen Linlin fans here. I'm just one of the more active ones.

Gol D. Roger

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Oda wasn't sure absurd adcoc until Oden flashbacks
Unless you must tell us why kaido and BM ,Shanks and Wb didn't have CoC sparks from their blades ...why it didn't look like adcoc clash yet it it is?

He retconned breath of all things into ryuo
Even tekkai is CoA now
He doesn't think everything from get go.
That's why haki is messy
Whether or not Oda had plans for an advanced form of COC is a different story from how he executes it. For all we know, he knew he'll introduce ACOC at one point in the future but he didn't have a specific plan for it.
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