Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Why Kid doesn't mimic Queen's "Winch Queen" with his giant metal hands?

Look how fast Queen crashes Sanji into several walls, it barely destroyed the first ones but he keep crashing through
punk rotten shits on that.
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where is law? cuz in this chapter he took the W but franky motorbike 2.0 is lame as fuck.
Not saying Kidd is trash still I am not impressed one bit from kidd in Onigashima.
motorbike 2.0 was more impressive than WCI Luffy’s G4
Damn this chapter's giving me a feeling that we are near the climax part, I bet onigashima will end in less than 15 chapters.
Also what if the skeleton with the scythe is some kind of weapon from the gorosei that can "erase" someone from the world, you know they told they can actually kill someone (robin most likelly) during this war without anyone noticing. Maybe it's this character & he came with cp0 to deal with robin.


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Luffy gassed out after a single block from BM and couldnt move to save his crew. And then 10+ minutes happened after the cake fell down.
Nope. He went out of the transformation, that ONE CLASH was not 30 minutes long.

Luffy went out of G4 multiple times to fight fodder in Wano and could move just fine, hell he could even use FS right after.
He went out, he didn't gas out by exhausting the timelimit.

Going out --> Him detransforming on purpose. That has a exhaustion drawback because of the amount of energy G4 saps:

"Gear four uses a lot of energy..."

Gassing out --> forced detransformation due to exhausting the timelimit. Here he suffers both the TEMPORARY exhaustion and the damage incurred. The exhaustion part stopped happening at Onigashima due to his mastery over the transformations.
motorbike 2.0 was more impressive than WCI Luffy’s G4
well is an improvement from the rooftop golem I give you that, and yeah the classic g4 luffy in WCI I give you that (so no special form)
Still if that his his best shot, I am sorry but Luffy is far far away from Kidd, Zoro too. Law in the other hand is way more versatile, still I see Law as a team player in a 1 vs 1 situation aint that effective.
You were one of the user that said advcoc is the strongest PU in One Piece and something that differentiate the top of the top from the other one. Did you change mind? Cuz Luffy/Zoro road is pointing there but the other 2 are just relaying on df power without any significant haki uses......


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Exhaustion after the full 30 minutes of the transformation due to the damage incurred =/= temporary exhaustion after getting out of G4 everytime. The latter is what Luffy improved at Onigashima.

Zeus outright rebelled against her in Onigashima....

Either way, with or without telekinesis, this chapter proved that Linlin's control over her homies is not unbreakable. Kid controlled them with magnetism, the Logia Admirals can control it by touch especially when the arguments are they are made to soak up the elemental attacks.
Zeus was emotionally manipulated not physically controlled. You literally need someones who can play to the specific emotional weaknesses of each Homie. Zeus is the only Homie with that susceptibility. And we see what happened with his rebellion. She can literally strip her homies of the soul she gave them.

Dude show me a Logia controlling an element they did not create that was there independent by touch. You're just making assumptions. Kidd's ability is wholly telekinesis of things that can be magnetized hence why he is able to do so. Kidd's fruit does not work the same way a Logia does.

Please show me Kuzan manipulating the water he froze at MF. He had Kilometers worth of substances to control yet he showed nothing of the sort. You can argue that an environment that is conducive to a Logia's ability (Like a desert for Croco) would make them stronger but the same literally applies to an elemental homie.

Logia's have not shown the ability to have telekinetic control/manipulation of an independent element that has been detached from their body.

Homie's on the other hand have shown the ability to fuse and merge with elements and objects around them.
So End of Wano Luffy can fight the scabbards, roof top 5 that included Luffy with adcoc, eat asura, fight hybrid Yamato and still have enough juice for current Luffy
Bro if you dont :luffyswat:

The rooftop 5 were fighting agaisnt both kaido and big mom, so your argument doesn't work

And luffy would mid-low diff the scabbards

And you're underrating one of the major aspects of luffy which is his endurance, he's been getting his ass kicked for 12 hours by a first commander and didn't pass out


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where is law? cuz in this chapter he took the W but franky motorbike 2.0 is lame as fuck.
Not saying Kidd is trash still I am not impressed one bit from kidd in Onigashima.
Law ain't on their level.
Kid and Zoro didn't wait over a decade for Luffy to help them defeat the big bad in Doflamingo. He is stronger than Kat. I'll give him that.

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Anime is not canon and Oda is about to hit a huge blow on it by revealing the TRUE 1% man which is ZORO.
Stop the cope, it's not happening. Even without the anime Hawkins already predicted Zoro's chances of living for the next month two weeks before the raid. He also read Drake's fortune right before Drake got ambushed as he knew he was the traitor that freed Law.

You're banking this on the impossible chance that Hawkins was randomly checking Zoro's fortune again despite the fact that:

1. He already knew Zoro's chances of living for the next month, nothing has happened with Zoro at this point to make him take another look at his fortune.

2. He would need an extremely good reason to even check Zoro's fortune here in the first place. When he could check Drake's before the ambush as he knew he was a traitor, Momo because he's the enemy's leader, Kid because of the grudge between them, etc. In general, there are higher priority figures in this raid other than Zoro.

3. It's beyond pointless to give Zoro a 1% chance to live anyway as he's a main character. It's basically a 100% chance to live as there's no chance a Straw Hat is dying on Wano.

You have no actual evidence on your side here.


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Dude show me a Logia controlling an element they did not create that was there independent by touch.
Shinokuni and Caesar.

By definition: Logias can create, control and transform into their elements. That's quite literally the priniciple behind their awakenings to turn the environment into their elements and then control them like Katakuri, the Mochi logia, did. Telekinesis hasn't been shown yet though, Ill give you that and lets see if its shown in the future.

Ill respond to the rest later, I have to get back to work.
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