Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Oda: Everyone knows Kid & Law can't handle Big Mom & nobody cares about Ninja Fight or Izo or whatever Chopper thinks, so i'm gonna add a really cool Zoro Scene to save the Chapter & make it interesting

Even Passed-Out Zoro is more Relevant than almost entire Cast of Wano Arc
But Haters: Zoro's Story is done for this Arc, ZKK already happened with King, a Random Marys witnessed it !!!
- Raizou vs Fukurokuju, both are burning but they don't release their jutsus.
Should end soon, both take lot of damage, the first who release will go down.
Doubt Oda take much time around them.

- Chopper is worried about Zoro and the adverse effects of the Mink's medicine.
- In front of Zoro appears a skeleton with a large scythe.
Zoro be like:
- Izou has defeated his enemies but the CP0 appears. It seems that they leave him aside because they have urgent matters to attend to but Izou stops them.
- Yamato tries to stop the fire demon by attacking it directly.
Hope the Yamato plot with the Fire Demon end soon, don´t feel any tension around this.
Izo plot around CP0 sound promising, imagine Izo showing better feats against them as Drake&Apoo.
Izo is just a veteran yet stronger then two supernova would again show how strong a yonkou crew can be, hype even more Whitebeard commanders who are one league above Izo.
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