Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Because you can hide Zoro Killing Kaido in the news right?

If Zoro kills Kaido in front of everyone it would be spread he did it not Luffy and we know that ain't going to happen as Luffy is going to be the one to get credit beating Kaido.

Face it from a narrative point of view it makes no sense.

Either Zoro walks out of Wano recognised as the killer of Kaido and it is in all the papers outshining Luffy which has never happened or Luffy defeats Kaido and he is recognised as the one who brought down Kaido.

Both things can't happen so which one makes more logical sense with everything we know about One Piece.
You shook.
You gonna drop the series when zoro kills kaido
It was set up since day 1.
Beating kaido was never relevant
The raid was to behead kaido
You were not answering anyone in fact you "hurr duhr zorotards" posts here arent.
But thats besides the point.
I think it's the meta here in worstgen no? I'm sure that most of the members here, including the wolotards, don't think about one piece all day long and have one piece as their main personality trait.
I'd like to think that most of us are having fun taking the shit on others.
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