Who did more damage to Linlin?

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By the logic which bounties have being increasing is probable that bot Zoro and Sanji gets 1.4bi+ bounty. I wouldn't be surprised if they got something near 2bi. And for Law + Kid defeating BM they are pretty much at least 2bi bounty each maybe even 3 bi.

But for Luffy defeating Kaido you can easily expect 5bi bounty from him. Maybe even already above Roger.
But Katakuri>>Law or Kidd🤣🤣🤣🤣
The anime basically spoiled us again. In the opening we see a huge purple beam shotting outta Onigashima crushing through the main-land. Wouldn"t wonder me if it's Kidd's railgun.
nice catch there . It seems exactly like rail gun fire but only thing is the surroundings. It somewhat looks like flower capital. Anyway oda can change that easily.

This is exactly how it looked for me it was strange to see people voicing their dislike:kawak:. Now you ruined what looked like a great theme for the rest of us:kobeha:
I did not see the home page...but did it look like this in the thread? You can see the grey is not the same as your SS. Nav bar also a bit different. @Worst

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