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One Piece sucks
Next chapter Law is out
BM might come back up and face Kid 1v1
That's a possibility cause Law is the only one who said he's done and left everything to Kidd.

But I'd just say BM is defeated for now
Even if she comes back, she'll lose to Kidd eventually
Weird chapter for me. I have to look at it completely isolated any wider context cause while I despise everything about how Big Mom has been dealt with, I at least enjoyed the spectacle this chapter.

You can always count on Law to give out some visually interesting, cool, finishers, so that’s par for the course. Mother’s Misery was cool enough. And as the big surprise, it’s the first time Kid has ever done anything interesting with his DF.

So yeah, I liked all the fighting this chapter (minor nitpick about no ACoC when Big Mom was hitting Law). And my argument that Kid and Law are actual good rivals while Luffy is simply above the two of them is stronger than ever. So that’s good for me.

Next week, she’s either blasted off Onigashima, off the mainland and into the seas below, or she’s getting blasted through the hole Law made. Either way, end of Big Mom has come. That’s something I will complain about, but that‘s fir next week. I’m expecting her to hit her head and go Olin as well. And Yamato can probably use the hole to drop the bombs, they’re far enough away from the FC that it shouldn’t hurt anyone below, since Law’s attack didn’t.
Let's make this trending on Twitter: hashtag #Lawdefeatedbigmom
No he didn't. He did well against her. But couldn't even knock her out for more then few seconds. She was up and running challenging Kidd .
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Queen's casual attack = kidd's attack :kobeha::kobeha:
Queens casual attack cannot even take that jobber sanji. Kidd will steamroll sanji to Oblivion
I read the chapter and one thing i can say is that its a shame that Oda didnt give BM vs Kid and Law as much as focus as Queens fight. :kriwhat:

I would love to see BM doing attack then Kid and Law doing damage to her so on and so forth. We see in this chapter that BM just eats the attacks. When she attacks Oda goes into Offscreen Piece. :kuzanshut:
At least Law and Kid's attacks looks cool Oda at least gave them something. Unlike BM. :josad:
BM is the most durable character tho. :fullmom:
Law carried this fight. His attacks are dangerous. Dont mess with Death Surgeon. :lawbepo:

I also love Law's line here:
What comes after the bull. A hippo? :milaugh:

Well i mostly whine here but i just wish Oda to care about an emperor fight as much as a commanders fight. But Kid and Law fans you have the W congratulations. :cheers:

At least it had good panels i give this chapter 3 stars. ⭐⭐⭐
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