Did Kanjuro Kill Big Mom?

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Yeah, they did, but I think it was handled tactfully that did preserve Big Mum's status as an emperor. Big Mum is defeated, but it took everything they had (plus a giant explosion) to get the job done.
since she lost questionable status as an emperor in all honesty
am sure the wg agents would be sure to relay this info of her loss and the world should hear soon.

before people equate this to wci blindly
pls reread where morgans only crowned it big mom's loss since two of her commanders were beaten , her territory raided and luffy left without consequence.
Oda cornered the Yankers so much is unbelievable. Before they told everyone to believe in Kaido's title and 1v1 superiority as an official narration box "confirmed" it. Alright I'll do that, but now Law and Kid being declared as winners doesn't mean that BM lost.

That level of cope is just hilarious
A defeat does not mean a loss. Example you can be defeat in battle and yet your country can still win the war.

Kidd and law are going to be out while bigmom isnt. Howevee they are declared winners not because they defeated her (knocked her out) but because they stopped her from going to the roof (which kidd explained chapters before that that's their new agenda)
his point was big mom being conscious even tho she lost
katakuri lost despite being conscious
the attacks they got hit with is irrelevant
your arguments are so subpar .
I think this depands in BM status before the explosion

If she looked like she can still fight then it's not a pure W for Kidd and Law if it's a W at all, she can tank the explosion for all we know

if she looked in a terrible state and can't move then it's a W for Midd
They didn't knock her out. Last chapter most got the impression she'd be KO'd in some shape form or fashion but in reality they knocked her below and the bombs went below with her.
Yes, she got KO'd this chapter. Which is fine. Them defeating her in the span of two chapters would have been unbelievable to the extreme considering she is supposed to be on par with Kaido.

Her being defeated by the bombs is a good way of resolving that plot line, defeating Big Mum without tarnishing her reputation as an emperor, and giving the win to Law and Kidd.

Its a literal win win win situation no matter how I look at it.
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