Did Kanjuro Kill Big Mom?

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-Chapter 1040: An Age of the Daring and Mighty
-on the cover, Oven hits Yonji while the other Big Mom Pirates laugh
-Kid’s attack launches Big Mom’s attack through the hole Law made. She lands head first and is knocked out
-Kid and Law collapse.
-Momo sees the attack and is amazed. His head starts hurting
-CP0 are fighting Izo. They hear that Big Mom has been defeated
-we cut to the Gorosei, who say to prepare for the biggest change to the world since Whitebeard died. They wonder if Luffy will beat Kaido now
-Kaido is looking down over the roof and laughs. Luffy is lying on the ground
-“You can’t beat old age either, Linlin! First Whitebeard, now you… only the strong survive! That means I’m the strongest!”
-Luffy gets back up. He’s angry that Kaido is laughing at his friend’s defeat. He uses G4, and hits Kaido with King Kong Gun

-break next week
Seems legit to me
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