Did Kanjuro Kill Big Mom?

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Bro Shanks is the worst OP character

Who even is he?

What has he done?

What motivates him?

Gildarts (shanks clone from FT) is even better than him

:kuzanshut: Oda and his bad choices are exactly why he's my second biggest nemesis after @Jackteo

All of Linlin's screen time belongs to Jack or X Drake
What did Jackteo do to you?


Oda's accuser
Well the electromagnetic cannon is definitely not one shotting King imo.

Damaging him a lot then yes but King could return to his flames on plus he got amazing regen and stats regardless. It would be cool to watch as a fight.

I think he is probably stronger than Kidd in the long run yes. Kidd will lose too much stamina and collapse.
our bet was about Big Mom going down as a Yonko as I recall ...:kuzanshut:
so when she will stand up again in no way that's a lose ... yet I didn't expect Law to shine this good :)

if Big Mom lost her memory I will take my L heads on :cheers:
Trying to weasel out? :suresure:

But ok, it's all connected. BM loses --> Turns into Olin permanently --> Loses her Yonko spot and command of the crew.

Step 1 is complete, next step is the return of Olin. :cheers:
Where the fuck is law getting his infinite stamina hax from ? He keeps on saying he'll be exhausted on every panel. But seems to be more than ready to pull another move out of his ass, literally the next panel
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