Did Kanjuro Kill Big Mom?

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Kidd did nothing in this fight.

Law broke her wrist
Law cracked her ribs
Law seriously injures her with Puncture Willie

Kidd just sat on his ass and didn't show a single haki feat
Okay good

Kidd the one who made him all bloody and bruised up, to power up
Kid had her unconscious for seconds
Kid the one who still finished her off and sent her down to wano (with bombs and kaznbo falling alongside her)

The rest is up to your hate
actually a decent chapter. pacing is good.
Kid & Law defeat Big Mom but she won't be dead. It's the perfect result.
Also we got rid of the Bombs, Firedemon and shit.
Last but not least we got to know that Zunesha is Joyboy's Nakama?! Damn with this pacing we could expect IM, Rocks D. Xebec and Joyboy's appearance in the next chapter lol. JK
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