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The Soul King
One Piece Chapter 1041: "Komurasaki"

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This was a damn good chapter.

Oden really didn't want to put out spoilers lmao, this increases Yamato's chance of joining Luffy's crew knowing she knows nothing about Laugh Tale.

Izo is a beast god damn taking on CP0 members 2 vs 1, now Drake wants the spotlight lol

The fact that the Gorosei changed the mission to "eliminating Luffy '' instead of capturing Robin just shows that they realize how much of a threat Luffy is to them.
(The Devil Fruit they were talking about in 1037 is most likely Lufy's then)

Damn Young Big Mom looks hot, no wonder she had 80+ kids lol

Holy shit that Luffy panel when he goes into snakeman is absolutely NUTS!!
Despite Momo being 8 years old and asserting that he is not as wise as Oden, for once I disagree with his self-deprecation. Oden’s IQ points and capacity to run a functional, non-self destructive system of government is inferior to even that of a school of clownfish. Momo could remain mentally 8 for the rest of his life and would almost certainly be a better ruler than his utter trout brain of a father.
Lovely transition chapter. Not sure if I'm more impressed by Luffy's Hydra or the Pudding Punch.:suresure: The family just can't stop being a thorn on Sanji's side as even the RS suit Niji gifted him turned out to be a cruel Germa experiment. Like Chopper's 5 fingers to Queen, there is no defense from karma.

The Great Ninja War of Wano: officially longer than Marineford. Raizo mentions preparations he's made, with only Kaido and CP0 left I imagine he's packing scrolls to capture the flames that could devour the battlefield or just evacuate everyone. 100 chapters after Komurasaki's funeral, Hiyori gets her moment. Hiding her face while revealing her identity is a tense combination. Someone using seastone on an island supposedly rich with it against the largest DF army in the world is good to see. It's not lost on me that Orochi can no longer use his power (most of the heads got cut off anyway) the same chapter Luffy unleashes his 9-headed snake.

Your options for finding out what the One Piece is: 1) Putting everything at stake including your own life on the ultimate journey, 2) reading about it in a book. It's very obvious why no one alive is finding out the secret of Laugh Tale before the Pirate King's crew gets there. It's a boost for nakama Yamato in that she can no longer spoil the crew and has a strong reason to sail in completing Oden's "Bible", though I question why she has not expressed what should be a definitive desire.

The Gorosei ordering CP0 to side with the World's Strongest Creature to eliminate a "rubber" boy says it all - Luffy perfectly encapsulates their fears from 1037. Annoying to start dropping CP0 members while keeping their powers hidden in offscreen scuffles, but at least Izo getting a result in a 2v1 puts much needed respect on gunner's names. With the CP0 now targetting Luffy, it's only fitting Drake gets back up to fulfill his due to the man who believed in him. CP0 interrupting Kaido's precious 1v1 in light of Oden could be an interesting character moment, but the chapter makes it clear they are no threat on the roof and the third CP0 member preserved in the game room most likely has three tasks: 1) Confirm Luffy's Awakening. 2) Confirm Luffy defeated Kaido with his own hands to justify his post-Wano bounty. 3) Kill Luffy and/or Kaido when the battle is over.

A preview of the Rocks flashback with 24-25 y.o. Charlotte "Sugar Momma" Linlin looking for her next husband/prey.

With young Linlin sharing the same eyes and angular brows, let's hope Yamato wasn't born one of them.
The 9 shadows Orochi and Kaido should have been terrified of were actually just Luffy's fists.:sanmoji: Like Hawk to Roc, Culverin (grass snake) to Hydra marks another mythical animal upgrade. Luffy in 424 used his final G2 and told Lucci he wouldn't stop until he was beaten, which was 427 giving Kaido some fight left even ignoring a Rocks flashback. Snakeman Luffy with that flaming Nika hair. It's no wonder this is Luffy's final form as the Sun God introduced this arc bringing the Dawn to Wano is too good for Oda to pass up. Perhaps Luffy finally meets all prequisites with his highest stage of DF mastery in G4 + advanced CoA/CoO/CoC = Awakening, like Gear 4 was not possible without Luffy learning CoA. Amusing that G4's first opponent was the Awakened Doflamingo, now it looks like he'll ascend to a higher stage by combining them both.
Well done Pudding. Best part of the cover story so far, probably the highlight of the entire thing.

No… Oda hasn’t, for zero reason whatsoever, put in a journal that ruins Robin’s flashback and gives away everything about Laugh Tale? That’s a shock. Adult Momo still has some developing to do, he’s still as wussy as child Momo (fair enough, given he still has the mind of child Momo)

The glorious Ninja battle has reached it’s end. We will not see it’s likes again. I’m reckoning the preparations are an evac plan? Sailing down from Onigashima on huge floating lanterns to celebrate the dead maybe?

Don’t be gloating while Orochi’s still alive, Hiyori, that’s a fast way to become a damsel in distress and needing Denjiro to save you. Which would kind of suck.

Izo’s cool. Drake might redeem himself. Luffy obviously has the super special Zunisha related fruit (sigh).

Carrot‘s “comeback”. Lol

Zoro getting caught by Franky’s the most expected outcome, especially since there wasn’t much focus put on him falling (two small panels).

Interesting to see Big Mom sort of immediately took young Kaido under her wing, shows she’s had her sort of mothering instinct all this time (just because she’s not a very good mother doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the instinct). This was a good chapter for moving the plot along again. Luffy vs Kaido should be the main focus from now on, with other things (mainly Momo/Yamato, then CP0, then the few remaining plots) in the background. We’ll be seeing a new form from Luffy, that‘s for sure. Whether it comes after another defeat from Kaido, who knows.

Also we see why Kaido needs to die, cause Luffy throwing him out just means he’ll come back again, he’s already said that to Yamato. And Momo would also be right about the dangers of opening the borders in such a position.


- :smart::smart::smart:

- At surface level, it might seem like a run-of-the-mill transition chapter, but I can’t help getting excited by the massive lore seeds being planted. Since the start, Luffy’s been unknowingly pursuing this destiny. He’s a few moments away from changing the era for good. Gomu-Gomu awakening will mark the return of Joy Boy and the start of One Piece’s final saga :steef:

- I always wondered why Xebec’s flashback’s been postponed this far into the arc. I now think The God Valley incident would be best understood after Luffy and Momo open Wano, not before. Or maybe I was just too thirsty to see young Linlin :catlewd::catlewd::catlewd:

Gah Damn!! Now I see why she was able to pull so much meat!!!!

- Drake is extremely important, even if y’all clown him for wank purposes. Post Celestial Dragon downfall, he’ll have an important leadership role with the Marines.

- Good to see Pudding standing up for her husband’s honor. I’ll be really disappointed if Pudding, Katakuri and Linlin’s arcs are left unresolved.

- Wizo is so underappreciated.

- :catsweat::catsweat::catsweat:
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