What's the gorosei shitting themselves about?

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Thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Little Spoiler, more in next hours ;)

- Chapter 1,041: "Ame no Habakiri"

-Luffy vs Kaido
-CP-0 defeated Izou but hes barely conscious and keeps shooting at them
-Yamato is relieved after the Events with the Bomb and shes meeting up with Marco
-Jinbe arrived where Brook and Robin are they are fighting Beast Pirates
-Hiyori is fatally wounded and almost got killed.
-Denjiro saved her and defeated Orochi
-Hiyori whos bleeding a lot and crying draws Ame no Habakiri and wants to kill Orochi whos beeing held down by Denjiro

More to come...
No Break next Week.
Not open for further replies.