What's the gorosei shitting themselves about?

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Kaido be out of Wano is the most disrespectful thing Luffy can do to Kaido

imagine in the newspapers: Luffy kick out Kaido of Wano. Big Shame for Kaido. Kaido have too much pride to return in Wano this defeat
Lmao yeah, that would be hilarious if it happened, to be literally kicked out of Wano or just kicked out anyway ofc. Big Mom is already suffering extreme humiliation from WCI to now especially.

I remember someone saying, Luffy doesn't kill but he will destroy your dreams or make you suffer, kinda like Batman, who won't kill you but he will beat your ass so hard, breaking your bones and such too.

This might end up being Kaido depending on how things go down or will go down anyway inevitably lol:

Can't think of a single reason why they would want to kill Luffy if not for his fruit? Once again, do you guys even read One Piece other than for Zoro/Sanji jerking?

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I'm definitely not a Sanji or Zoro fan. Oda is planning this plot for the fruit since the Reverie Arc.
The last appearance of the Gorosei was to talk about a certain fruit.
Now they're back asking for catch Luffy instead of Robin.

The interval of time between these two chapter is a matter of minutes. What I am saying is: I hope you're right, and this is not about the fruit. But Oda has been constructing a scenery which brings this possibility.
That actually was my fear for her not joining too, surely she's read it all and thus has it all in her head? Maybe this is why Luffy was weirdly hostile to her before? He subcosnciously knows somehow, that he can't trust her to not be a literal walking spoiler for him which he would absolute hate or even find unforgivable?
Yea she didn't know laugh tale but she still know some shit but it might not be all that relevant

Ghostly Reflections

Clown In A Ghost Town
eraser eraser fruit, can erase things from existence but the user is also made of rubber because erasers are rubber. luffy either doesnt know or doesnt care about this ability and just uses the rubber part
Holy fuck I forgot about this being a theory in the community I believe. At least the awakening of his DF being like this lmao. Luffys DF was used to erase history? People? Places?

So far, the spoilers are fairly interesting though it's only a small portion, and once again, for the past couple chapters, I'm still waiting to see if Oda does anything with Drake as the arc's not over yet.

On a more interesting note, I'm glad we seem to have seen the full extent of Law and Kid's powers as well as Hawkins and yet not Apoo's.
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