What's the gorosei shitting themselves about?

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Source: 5ch
Lmao izo got xdrake treatment as expected, marco is going somewhere its either stalling kaido when luffy haki run out or healing zoro, btw franky is the one who cactch zoro from falling i presume
@PuckTheGreat @ivaannom help with the translation guys.

This is the google translated:
Luffy's technique is "Hydra"
There is a narration for the victory of Raizou
CP0 and Izo are WKO
Orochi Komitsu was struck by the stalk of Kairou stone and could not be transformed.

Jinbe to rescue Raizou
Frankie to rescue Zoro
There is a Usopp piece to rescue chrysanthemums and Nishiki

I will write if there is anything else
so that whole franky plotline of trying to find zoro was just to save zoro from falling off a cliff which will have no plot significance? This arc has so much unnecessary shit I swear
This is google translation
Q: How did you pick up Zoro when he fell?
A (Leaker): Frankie stretched out his arm and grabbed it while he was falling.

Q: Is CP0's big one and Izo collapsed, and is another CP0 receiving orders from 5 old stars?
A (Leaker): Correct answer

Q: Does Kaido suddenly remember his encounter with linlin?
Are 15-year-old Kaido and 24-year-old linlin drawn?
And why do you know you're 15?
A (Leaker): I knew that Kaido had lost the cheers of the people around him, or did he notice it with a sign?
He remembered the first contact when she(big mom) was young called out to Kaido, "15 or younger."
Having the last laugh shouldn't coming from someone who starts to respect his strong opponent.
I could see Kaido as someone that doesn't really walk the talk, even though he respected Oden he took a cheap shot when he had the chance and even though he said he felt bad about it and even killed the hag he still didn't spare Oden, not quite saying he is a hypocrite though, more like he can enjoy a rivalry but also won't mind coming out on top at all costs at the end of the day.
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