How many more times will Luffy lose to Kaido?

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My boys Aka inu and Ak Oji fought for 10 days, such power :steef:

Meanwhile the World's Strongest Creature will lose to upstart pirates (of 2 years) in less than a day :suresure:
When Luffy fights akainu do you think hell draw a 10 days long fight?
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Also gotta stop calling Luffy an upstart, Gorosei themselves said this was a world class fight.
Drake: i should go to rooftop and stop that guy. Do they think that i will not search for them??/n
He slowly gets up and reached rooftop.
Meanwhile on rooftop./n
Kaido being in rage mode just beat the shit out of cp0 member and still his rage is not over and x drake just came to the spot and see that it's already late but seeing cp0 down he breathed "atleast kaidi took care of him."/n Drake: "kaido-sa--". kaido suddenly cries and become angry once again beat the sh*t out of drake again. Drake will become a legend.
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You’re referring to Mohji the Beast tamer


Lazy is the way
Alright well let’s just pretend An Old, sick, Past his prime, nursing home, bad back & hip, golden girls watching, life alert, prune juice drinking ass walking corpse didn’t just TOSS and immobilize a full HP Admiral who’s most likely in his prime

and WB did this with limited haki…..not only that but Marco and Jozu are casually tagging AdmiraLs and making them bleed
i was trolling a bit

Obvioulsy Kaido and BM are monstrously powerful and their best assets are being huge freaking tanks impossible to put down.
And in that field they are ahead the admirals.

But what made me a bit tired is the hits on Luffy or good guys are like paper cut. I wonder what would have happened if instead of a club to the head Luffy had received Aka magma punch or Ao ice age, how he would have survived ? I think Oda can find a bullshit way for Luffy to survive but it's harder to imagine compared to a club to the head.

Just look at BM best attack Misery with fire and lightning : Kid tanked that no problem no burns etc. So everything is possible.....
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