How many more times will Luffy lose to Kaido?

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Oda prolly doesn't even care anymore. I can't believe this is the same guy that wrote the Crocodile fights. :crazwhat:
It is an irony that you have to mention crocodile fight because this Luffy vs Kaido following a same pattern that has followed in Luffy vs Crocodile

First warlord vs First yonko
Devastating loss in the first round
Have multiple rounds before Luffy beats Crocodile/Kaido
Just because he can dodge it doesnt mean he can dodge every attacks he took moron. They were basically fighting all brawl. If anything, Kaido let himself tank all the attacks from Zoro and Scabbards and he decided to use fs to dodge Luffy's attack cause its devastating to him. Foh
Lmao devastating a worn out tired man. Wow the guy who got a 10 chapter rest and ate while Kaido went through gauntlet. Kaido endurance is built different
something new has to come for him to win
but luffy isn't aware of what that thing is since he thinks g4 is his trump card atm is my point
so its not a powerup like snakeman
gear 4 that he had developed beforehand when he used those the first time in battle.

its another new powerup few chapters after he just got one in the middle of this same fight.
its awful to have luffy go down and get up to a new powerup .
it shouldnt come down to that at all.
Will will be same as how when Zoro was helpless against King....maybe Luffy will to stand and fight despite in a bad condition (need to see how bad once the scan comes) will trigger something....
Luffy fans got to choose one. Kaido let himself get worn down cause of his personality of loving fights and take hits or he literally just started taking this fight seriously. So either Zoro speed blitz a FS user or luffy beat a Worn down nerf himself Kaido. Chose 1
You can chose 1.
BM realized that hiryu kaen is a dangerous attack way before kaido.
So either BM has a better FS than Kaido or Kaido wasn't using FS previously.
Zorotards are always full of shit. Proud of the moment their boy got asspull coc cause of enma otherwise he wouldnt have realized he has it. Now they think hes equal to what Luffy is doing. The only person Kaido has recognised at this arc to fight him is Luffy. No one else. No matter how many times you downplay Kaido and Luffy, they will always be above the rest along with Bm.
They're certainly acting foolish right now.
It's best to ignore it especially when the circus is in town. :mihugh:
To all the fools who said G4 tigerman, take a big fat L.
To all the fools who said G4 attacks are stronger than Roc attacks, take a big size L.
To all the Luffytards, embrace a big L. 2022 is also going to be worse for you.
To all the intelligent people who can predict hackda writing style, take a big fat W.
They're certainly acting foolish right now.
It's best to ignore it especially when the circus is in town. :mihugh:
They cant stand the fact their favorite is down. Zkk stupid theory is down. Now they wanna overturn everything thats happening to make their boy look good. Hes done this arc. Thats all there is to it.
Luffy would beat his two wings combined once this arc is done. Thats the level he currently is
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