How many more times will Luffy lose to Kaido?

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@Peroroncino @nik87
Luffy and zoro both in purgatory

Fs most overrated ability how come luffy got distracted
Luffy doesnt have FS, I have said it long time ago.
Using it every blue moon doesnt justify it being listed as his skill set.
Zoro died so he could fish Luffy out from the Underworld. :goyea:

I literally hope that ZORO kills kaido soon, to end the honorable kaido's pain and suffering, he is very shaken right now because without his consent someone interfered in his fight, and as a result his opponent let his guard down and kaido beat him.
Kaido fans should have understood long ago that dying by Zoro's hands is the best possible compliment for Kaido.
But oh well, they preferred him to be beaten by a plot armor-assisted weakling...
How are you gonna still use the trash Squardo argument after FS user Luffy got blindsided by Kaido?
CoO needs to be activated, Squard was a trusted ally, Oda never uses the word HAKI to refer to what happened and this was at a time where haki was a pretty obscure concept to the reader and when Oda used to make it very clear when it was question of it or not

Headcanon. If you hurt a logia's real body they take the hit like anyone else would

Headcanon again, Oldbeard and Shanks literally split the skies too and they did it CASUALLY
FS user Luffy could barely see vet level Ulti coming lmao but let's downplay Old WB haki for not being on his guard when surrounded with allies.
Sick WB (he already had his medical machines in Ace FB) was kicking Ace's ass in his sleep.


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I wanna ask people that believe in ZKK a question

Do you think Zoro killing Kaido is good writing or is it something you want to happen? Because there's a difference
Definitely good writing

There's still too much going on for ZKK:

Kaido and the philosophy of death

Zoro's declaration and his caring for the Samurai population

Zoro's parallel with the Samurai Kawamatsu and Hyogoro mentioned about

And of course the fact no one else will likely kill him

Lastly the moon prophecy parallel and the parallel with Oden's Enma
Neither Kaido or Luffy looks bad (especially since Drake is hogging all the spotlight in that regard) but it is getting kind of ridiculous how many times Luffy has gotten KO this arc so far and will inevitably come back. Him literally fainting into the ocean and then reviving with seemingly 100% health after eating some meat is ridiculous
You're only now finding it ridiculous that he recovers from eating a shit ton of meat?

This is not anything new, he did the same shit in impel down and way before that.

Nothing wrong with being K.Od Kaido from the current Strongest Character in the series.
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