How many more times will Luffy lose to Kaido?

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Kaido needs to die. Zoro will kill him. Honestly can not dumb it down any further.

I asked you 1 simple question and you've been running around. The simple fact that you can't answer what YOU consider good writing tells me everything about you.

Just admit you don't want Zoro to kill Kaido. It's less pretentious that way :seriously:
That's not an answer to my question though. You've been ducking my question without giving me a legitimate answer for the past 20 minutes now

"Kaido needs to die. Zoro will kill him." doesn't make it good writing. Luffy needs to beat Blackbeard by the end of the series, no? Well, the way he goes about defeating Blackbeard is the important part. If Luffy is on his deathbed and manages to beat Blackbeard (while he's fresh) in a 1 on 1 fight that isn't good writing

"But Blackbeard needs to be defeated by Luffy" Sure, but if his defeat is bullshit then it sucks all the joy out of Luffy's victory.

Zoro fighting Kaido alongside Luffy from the beginning and killing Kaido at the end is good writing. Zoro with 1 foot in the grave killing Kaido is not
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